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Have any studies been conducted on humans taking Daily Brain Care?
Yes, a similar, previous version of Daily Brain Care was evaluated in two studies; (1) in a sample of subjects with Alzheimer’s disease and (2) in a sample of subjects with multiple sclerosis. Additional research has been published on other key nutrients and phytochemicals in this formula.
Why should I choose Daily Brain Care over other products marketed and sold for brain health?
Daily Brain Care is the culmination and backing of many years of scientific investigation. Dr. Lewis and his colleagues have spent a considerable portion of their careers investigating the effects of key nutrients that are beneficial for not just the brain, but for overall health. In comparison, many other dietary supplement companies are run by executives with little to no scientific experience or background and with an inferior understanding of how to utilize research to bring effective products to market. Our philosophy at Dr Lewis Nutrition™ is to formulate the most efficacious products based on sound science with top-quality ingredients at a value that cannot be beaten by the competition. Additionally, all of the Dr Lewis Nutrition™ team take Daily Brain Care. We only sell products that we also take for ourselves. In other words, we stand behind what we sell in every way imaginable, and we will utilize the principles of continuous improvement to always be on the forefront of offering the best product line for your health.
What should I notice once I start taking Daily Brain Care?
We anticipate that you may experience the “white box effect” of our product. As opposed to the black box effect that refers to unknown or unanticipated adverse effects due to taking pharmaceuticals, we anticipate that you might experience a whole host of benefits from taking our product. For example, some people experience an initial mild detoxing effect that may be noticed as increased bowel movements or even loose stool. This is not to be interpreted as a problem but the effect of enhanced nutrition helping to detoxify your system, which normalizes in a short time (usually less than a week). If the effect persists, then the dose can be lowered to minimize it. Additionally, you may experience more energy, better sleep, less pain, happier mood, a sharper mind, better clarity, heightened awareness, more focus, better recovery from exercise or other physical activity, and a better sense of overall well-being. Please let us know what effects you feel as you begin taking our product consistently.
How long does it take to feel the effects of Daily Brain Care?
It is difficult to accurately answer the question of when will you feel its effects. Everyone is obviously different in terms of health and nutrition status, exposure to chemicals and toxins, genetic and biochemical makeup, age, and other behavioral and environmental factors. Some people respond to the product within a few days, and others take a few months (90 days or so), while the majority of people fall somewhere in between. However, even if you do not necessarily “feel” its effects, it is helping you because it lowers inflammation and oxidation, improves organ function, increases stem cell production, and improves your overall nutritional status, so all of these effects are very important even if you cannot “feel” them. The dose of the product is also important to consider as well. If you are only taking 2 scoops per day and you have serious chronic health issues, then that may not be a big enough dose, particularly if you have been dealing with your issues for years. Remember that it can take the body a long time to become ill based on our behaviors, so we must be patient in allowing the body time to heal itself once we start giving it the nutrients that it needs to function properly. Just be consistent with taking Daily Brain Care, and you will reap its benefits.
When and how should I take Daily Brain Care?
Mix one scoop of Daily Brain Care in water, juice, protein shake, smoothie, cereal, soup, pudding, or other food of your choice. Take one serving with breakfast and one serving with dinner or as directed by your health care professional. If you feel it is necessary, you can certainly take even more, as we are not aware of an upper limit that would create a toxic dose. In this case, more can be better.
Why should Daily Brain Care be a part of my regular healthcare routine?
Among other reasons, you should take Daily Brain Care because of the promising and vital information being documented in the ever-growing field of glycomics. The study of glycomics shows us the importance of polysaccharides (sugars) and how they are used in so many more ways than just as an energy source. The discoveries in the field of glycomics reveal the ways in which particular polysaccharides are utilized by every cell in the human body. These polysaccharides are typically lacking in the modern diet. Thus, it is necessary for us to obtain them in concentrated form in high-quality dietary supplements like Daily Brain Care. We have published the benefits of these polysaccharides in several studies; showing multiple benefits that are crucial to your health. For more information, please see What are polysaccharides?
I take other supplements. Can I take Daily Brain Care on top of my existing supplement routine?
Yes, you can take your other supplements with Daily Brain Care. Daily Brain Care has no known adverse interactions with other dietary supplements or medications. As we roll out our entire product line over the next couple of years, you may consider replacing your other products with ours, based on our approach to providing you the best products with comprehensive scientific evaluation and enhanced biotechnology.
How is Daily Brain Care different from a multivitamin?
Daily Brain Care is not intended to be a multivitamin/mineral supplement. Products such as a multivitamin/mineral contain exactly what their name suggests: the recommended daily allowance of most vitamins and minerals and sometimes substantially more than the recommended allowance for some of the nutrients. Daily Brain Care contains some vitamins and minerals, but it is not intended to be a multivitamin/mineral supplement per se. Rather, we have formulated our product with a significant amount of vital polysaccharides (sugars) and other important phytonutrients, such as carotenoids. For more information, please see the Benefits of Daily Brain Care.
Can I take Daily Brain Care with my prescription medications?
You can be assured that Daily Brain Care is not known to have any problematic interactions with your prescription and over-the-counter medications or other dietary supplements. In all of our experience with Daily Brain Care, we are aware of no known complications with other products.
How long will one tub of Daily Brain Care last me?
Normally, one 150 g tub of Daily Brain Care will last 30 days. Each tub contains 60 servings, which is the recommended two servings per day for 30 days. If you are middle age or older and/or suffering from any health challenge, then we suggest you increase your daily serving to four servings per day, which would mean that your tub would last 15 days.
How much Daily Brain Care should I order to get started?
We recommend that you consider the monthly subscription to weigh the relative value of your order, when starting with our products. Incorporating Daily Brain Care into your regular routine requires a minimal investment of your time to experience its benefits. Whether it is two or more times per day, taking Daily Brain Care should easily become part of your usual routine. We offer a discount and the ease of automated monthly delivery when you enroll in the monthly subscription.

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